I Love Writing Articles But I Don’t Know Where To Start

If you are one of those people who have no problems compiling and finishing a blog post, but never where to begin your journey?
Then, this is for you.

Sadly, many people quit writing blogs for this very reason. If they manage to get started, it’s so easy for them to continue on and write a blog post. But their problem is that they don’t know how to begin. So they end up doing no writing at all.

How can you overcome this problem?

Do you probably suffer from a lack of inspiration? Or, more to the point: blogger’s block.
Although this is a serious condition, it can be cured utilizing the right means.

Who Says You Have to Start with the Beginning?

So, if you don’t know how to start, why don’t you write the main (middle) part of your blog first?
If you have a great idea for a blog post, then just begin by writing the part you think is easiest to cover — and then proceed to fill in the gaps later.
When you have written the body of the blog post, it’s much easier to then write an introduction. You can always start with a question, or by telling a short story related to the blog post.

Help Yourself by Doing an Outline Research

You might start by making a brief headline, and then write the sub-headlines (all of which can, and should be, edited later).
Then write a few keywords under the sub-headlines, so you’ll know what to write about in each paragraph.
Put away your writings for a short while and, every time an idea for content pops up, jot it down under the sub-headline to which it belongs.
Sooner or later you’ll experience that your ideas mind works in the background all by itself, and the introduction to your article may just ‘pop-up’ while you are driving your car, taking a shower, watching TV — or relaxing in any other way.
Feed your brain with pertinent questions, and your ideas mind will come up with the correct answers — often sooner than you expect.

Keep a Notebook

Are you having trouble starting a blog post, simply because you have no ideas about what to write?
That issue is easily fixed. I bet you come up with several ideas each day, but then just forget about them.
Make sure you always have pen and paper at hand or use a voice recorder. You can even use most cell phones to record short messages and then replay them later.

Next time you get an idea for a blog post (even a vague one), jot it down or record it so that when you’re sitting at your desk ready to write, you have several subjects about which to elaborate.
With a constant list of ideas beside you, you’ll never again encounter writer’s block.




Am a UI Designer and a article writer.

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owai owai

owai owai

Am a UI Designer and a article writer.

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